Monday, November 8, 2010

My Writing Life Nov. 8

To sum it up, last week was a great one. Heard that the entire collection of Katherine Miller mysteries will be available soon. Murder and Mint Tea and Requiem Murder are already available in electronic form and will be in print soon. The Midas Murders went live on Friday and The Hudson House Murders will soon be there. Both will be in print before long. This series is close to my heart since the stories began when I had the desire to kill my neighbor. The heroine is me, except that she was once a church organist and she is a terrific cook and plays bridge. None of these things are among my talents, though I am good with making cookies and cakes and sometimes pies.

What really makes me feel great is that this now makes five books released since the end of July. More promotion is needed so I keep plugging at these things. One of these days I'll get on track with that.

Another thing is that we may have a solution to the roadblocked Haverstraw Alliance thing. What started out as a good venue for our books turned into nothing. There are ways this can be done but someone there missed the ball. Will see what happens on this Wednesday.

Am almost to the two fifths point on Confrontations and it looks as though the book will end up somewhere between 70,000 words and 90,000 words. Thus it's taking longer than I wanted. The next project is ready to go but I have a philosophy that works for me. I do not even let a publisher know that I have a book for them until the book is finished to my satisfaction. Twice I have been blocked by someone knowing what I was writing before I wrote it and both times I couldn't work on the book. Somedays I envy people who have books sold before they write them. Most days I don't/

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