Thursday, November 24, 2022

Thursday - Writing A Marriage Takes Two #BWLAuthor #MFRWAuthor #eomance #medical #Marriage #convenience

 I remember when I began writing A Marriage Takes Two, some of my critique group raised their eyebrows. "How can you make a marriage of convenience work in the present." That was the challenge. The idea came after reading a Regency romance with a marriage of convenience. How to do this. Why do people marry - Love, money or power are the things I considered. Then I chanced upon a nurse who worked two jobs to support her ailing mother and herself. This was a true colleague so... Money was the problem. I also needed a hero who had a connection to the heroine. Some thoughts and I decided on a doctor who had been her childhood friend and the object of her interest during her teen years. He married someone else, had a child and was divorced by his wife. He's not looking forlove but when the heroine comes to him and tells him what she needs, he decides to help her. This will be a marriage in name only. Of course the story shouldn't end that way but how to bring the two together. That comprised the rest of the book. Was fun and a challenge to make this story make sense.

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