Thursday, November 10, 2022

Thursday today at Janet Lane Walters is talking about writing The Doctor's Dilemma #BWLAuthor #MFRWAuthor #romance #medical #orphaned twins

 When I began writing The Doctor's Dilemma, I was into writing shorter stories.. Some of the reviewers mentioned I'd not addressed other topics brought up during the events of the books. I had wanted to write a story about a doctor who had wanderlust and a nurse who craved a settled life. Suddenly the orphaned twins popped into the story and I took off. The book was about changeing one character. The hero's early life ahd been one of constant change. His caregiver died. He spent his life in a number of foster homes. Never settling was his way of life and something had to change for him to become a real person, not just a traveler through life. The story was fun to write and I enjoyed whatching him chnage and the twins, a foster sister's pair and a girl who had been his one friend. Perhaps I should have made this a deeper book but at the time, I was thinking small. Would I do a rewrite on the book. If I wrote it now, this would be a different book. But rewrite, no.

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