Friday, November 18, 2022

Friday Mikki Sadil is talking about being a Panster or a Plotter #BWLAuthor #MFRWAuthor #Panster #Plotter #Plot

 1) I am basically a pantster. For my most recent book, a cozy mystery titled Murder and Macchiatos, I was a little bit of both. For the first time in my writing career, I actually laid out a very basic outline...which I changed at least a dozen times during writing. Can't say I like outlining! I hated it in school, which is probably why I don't like it now.

2. Usually, the plot. I will get a vague idea of a story line, then over time I develop it in my head. Sometimes it turns out to be a feasible story to begin plotting, and occasionally, it doesn't. If it does, then I start thinking about the kind of characters that would go with this particular idea, and begin developing least, the my head. When I finally start writing, they just seem to develop fully by themselves as I go along. I once woke my husband up talking aloud. When he asked me what was wrong, I told him, nothing, it's just one of my characters talking to me. He grinned, said "you writers are all crazy," and went back to sleep. But that's the way my characters seem to develop themselves...with a little help from me.

3) I am working on the second book of the cozy mystery series, "starring" Peyton Ashford, professor of law. The working title is "Murder, Morning Glories, and Mochas", but that will probably change by publishing time...or...maybe not! 

4) No, I don't have anything or place that I use constantly in my books. That is probably because I write in several different genres. My first book was a contemporary novel about friends and enemies among 13-14 year old girls; the second and third books were historical, about a teen ager who lived on a plantation in Kentucky with slaves, how he did not believe in slavery as his parents and brothers did but not his grandmother, and how he arranged the escape of a young slave boy and his parents. The second book dealt with this same young man, a little older now, becoming a spy for the Union Army after the Civil War began. The next book was about an eleven year old girl with a 160 IQ, in high school, who was always getting into trouble, and especially when she finds an ancient book of Indian magic. The fifth book was a paranormal, about a sixteen year old girl just discovering her psychic and magical abilities. And now my current book is my first mystery and my first adult book.

5). Until my illness hit, I wrote everyday. Sometimes for several hours, sometimes just for a short while, but every day without fail. Hoping to get back to that routine soon!

6) You can find me on Facebook at: Sadil/
And, if you put "author mikki sadil" into Google, all of my books, short stories and articles will come up

7) My most favorite author is James Patterson, who is the number one author in the world. He is a mystery writer, and is fabulous! I have over 40 of his books, and still have not begun to make a dent into the number of his books I would still like to own and read. It would be very difficult to talk about a specific book, since all of his...believe it or not...are so different and yet so compelling. But one of the best is "The President is Missing", which he co-wrote with President Bill Clinton. Another which will keep you guessing to the very end is "The Murder House."

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