Thursday, November 17, 2022

Thursday at eclecticwriter.blogspot,com Janet Laen Walters is talking about writing Gemstones #BWLAuthor #MFRWAuthor #Regency #romance #Jewels #India

 O really enjoy reading Regency romances so I decided to write one. Actually, I had four friends I considered turning into lives. I began Gemstones with tons of research,  and an idea. I wanted to bring the heroine from India where she lived with her father and sisters. Her mother had died ane as the oldest of three girls, Nicola became their guardian. The sisters were interesting to develop but where to find a hero and a reason for them to travel to England. Then the idea of a greedy uncle who was partner to Noclla's father occurred. Also there was the grandmother whose daughter had run away and married a man heading to India. The hero was a relative of the grandmother. Thus the story began.

Writing this book allowed me to explore India in books and also gems. Connecting a gem to a statue from India was good. Also allowing the heroine to have explored Indian mythology was another plus in developing the story. The conflict with the hero is partially based onher knowledge which is only book learning, not the experience the hero believes. The book was a fun one to write but the three other books in what was to be a series all encountered glitches in developing the story lines.


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