Thursday, November 3, 2022

Thursday at A Bit about the writing of Committee of Angels #BWLAuthor #MFRWAuthor #Suspense #medical #romance

This book was a long time coming. I began it years ago and hit a snag that made me put it away to go on to other projects. Committee of Angels was the title and had been inspired by an article I read in one of my husband's medical magazines. Not sure where the original article wen. I did pull it out. The book was also inspired by events happening at the hospital where I worked. I remember sitting at the desk and talking about the article and the idea for a book with some colleagues. A doctor overheard and told me not to write the book. I began Committee and had about three chapters written when I found I'dlost the inspiration to finish the book so I put it away. Recently, I came upon those three  chapters and read them. Ideas of how to make the book work came to me and so I began to write. The twists and turns are what made the book work now and looking at the original characters and giving them new and real motivations is what brought the book to completion.

I'm glad I saved those three chapters and I'm happy I was able to get past the original block to complete the book. 

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