Monday, April 19, 2021

Meandering on Monday with Janet Lane Walters #BWLAuthor #MFRWAuthor #Reading #Writing #Thoughts - RWA - Stay or Leave

 Meander 1 - Reading - This back to Andre Norton's Witch World for some stories I'd read ages ago and haven't for several years. Some held notes of familiarity and others not so much. I enjoyed them all again. Next week I have a few new books to read and I'll have a good time with them.

Meander 2 - Thoughts - Leave RwA or not - I've been a member of Romnce Writers since 1985 give or take a year. Through the organization, I have learned much about publishing and also much about a group of women with their likes and dislikes. There have been contraversies - many of them - over theyears. Through them I stuck though there were other times when I considered quitting. Lately I've been looking at the flaks that occurred and I wondered if things had really changed.

First there was the big angry storm when people began maaking love scenes more than kisses and a step behind those closed bedroom doors. I recall all the commentsI heard during that time. Some of the members accused others of writing porn. Then there came a change because sex sold and there became room for both.

Next there was men can't write romance. The storm over this seemed foolish since there were successful men writing romance. That settled down.

Then came the one that involved me. Electronic publishing. I was among the first to have ebooks and the flak at one of the conferences was hurtful. When are you going to write a real book. But I had several hard back copies of books I'd written. What was wrong with expanding the market. Many members left the organization during this time.

Lately there has been the problem of ethnic writers. And writers who are published and those only aspiring. This seemed to be the final straw with many writers leaving the organization. I'm sure there will be another crisis.

There have been some things I don't like that have occurred recently that I don't like. First was when my membership number was changed but noone bothered to let me know this. Thus though I paid my National dues and my chapter dues through my credit card, I was never recognized as a chapter member. Learning this money paid to the national organization had never been sent to the Hudson Valley Chapter, I called RWA twice. Three hours of conversation billed ot my phone brought no resolution. So I sent my dues to my chapter Treasurer. Then I learned RWA had no idea about this and they wanted me to pay the chapter dues for a third time. This has brought me to the decision that I've been considering. Will I renew in June or not.

What has RWA given me? In the past five years little more than my local chapter. There have been conferences I haven't attended since so seldom do they have anything that interests me other than meeting old friends. Plus the expense is more than I like for nothing in return. There is the magazine I haven't read for eyars since the articles all seemed geared to the new writer. Boring. There have been many issues in publishing that have changed but the organization doesn't seem to have changed. The one thing I've seen is the organization has become a "girl's club." So what am I receiving for my near hundred dollars a year plus the chapter dues. As far as I know the chapter is the only benefit. Since I am no longer recognized as a chapter member, what do i get. I absolutely refuse to pay through a credit card ever again and if i write a check that must go to the National Group, I will write two.

So that's where I am and I do believe I'm ready for a divorce.

Meander 3 - Writing - Still in the final draft movde of Haunted Dreams and that means heavy typing chores. I've now completed 8 chapters and have four to go. Takes about three days to complete this retype and rewrite version so the end is in sight. Have begun Incal the fourth book of the moon Rising Series and am working on the first chapter. Love rough drafts.

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