Thursday, April 29, 2021

Thursday's Opening Scene from Rekindled Dreams #BWLAuthor #MFRWAuthor #Romance #Former cop #Former nurse

 “Asshole.” Pressing his hands against the metal desk, Simon Parker glared at the head of the Narcotic’s Division. His teeth clenched. He would not lose his temper and shout the words circling like poison darts in his thoughts.

His left leg tensed. The quads tightened. Though the wound had healed, the agony of the day the bullet tore into his flesh returned with a roar. An image of his dead partner’s blank eyes fueled his anger. Only a few threads of sanity kept him from erupting in an action he would regret. At the moment, his single desire was slamming his fist into the sorry bastard’s face.

Captain Paley half rose from his chair. “I’ll ignore that comment.”

“I’d rather you didn’t.” A burn seared Simon’s gut.

“You’re still under my command and you’ll do what I order.”

“I don’t think so.”

Paley grasped the edge of his desk. “You’re cleared for duty. You’re going undercover with the Garsis’ gang.”

“Not going to happen.” Simon pulled two envelopes from the pocket of his windbreaker.

“You’ll do as ordered.”

“This isn’t the army.” Simon drew a deep breath that did nothing to calm his temper. I asked for a transfer to any division or precinct. I would even go back to walking a beat. Anywhere but Narcotics.”

“Your transfer was denied,” Paley said.

“Where’s the letter?”

“You’re needed here. Your experience is valuable. Just shove your hissy fit in a drawer and follow orders.”

Simon dropped his badge and gun on the desk. More of his control frayed. He didn’t care that the office door was open and every ear in the outer room was tuned to the discussion in here. He wanted out before his temper erupted.

Drawing a deep breath he held his fists at his side. “I won’t work another day for an asshole.” He stabbed the envelopes with a finger. “My resignation is effective immediately. Here is a copy of my request for a transfer. You can’t bury them in your files this time. Copies have been sent to everyone I could think of.” He whirled and strode to the door.

“Parker, get back here.” Paley’s voice reached a level even the dead could hear. “We’re not finished.”

“I am.”

“Just listen to me. Pull off this job and you’ll be golden.”

Simon stomped to the door. “Too late. I quit. I’m done. I’m out of here.” Could he make his decision any clearer?

“I’ll recommend you for a promotion.”

“Not going to bite your carrot.” The words he’d held back seeped closer to an eruption. He nearly turned to blast the man and halted the action. No sense being arrested for assault. Cops fared poorly in prison.

“Why walk out?” The shouted question reached Simon. “Give me a good reason.”

“To save my life. Not gonna let you or anyone put me on a slab.” He slammed the door to Paley’s office and stomped into the outer room. Anger snapped the last thread restraining his temper. If he’d had his gun he would have shot the bastard.

The desks in the outer office were mainly empty. The few men and women present pretended to be busy. His glare must have warned them not to poke.


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