Saturday, April 27, 2019

Saturday's Blurbs feature Books by G. L. Rockey #MFRWAuthors #BWLPublishing

Fake News

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FAKE NEWS (The Journalist/Redacted)

Taking FAKE NEWS to a higher-level, with the U.S. in a state of increased terrorist threats, the Media Director for the President of the United States fabricates a gruesome fake video.
The purpose of the fake video is to create chaos so POTUS can establish martial law and begin a “new world order.” Posing as a concerned citizen who videotaped a horrific murder/rape, the fake video is presented to a local Miami TV station’s news director. The news director immediately begins televising the video as exclusive Breaking News. Zack Stearn, owner/editor of a small Miami weekly newspaper, watches the video, contacts the TV station to ask the source of the video. He is told it is from a “confidential source.” The video is quickly picked up by national cable news and other local television stations.

TIME AND CHANCE - contemporary romance, published by Books We Love.

A university professor newly married to an ex-football star turned sportscaster finds herself
drawn towards a young art student who shares her intellectual .... and ultimately her physical passions.

"...hard to put for the romance lover in all of us" 4 Lighthouses - Lighthouse Literary Reviews

"G.L. Rockey is a gifted story teller who leads the reader through the ruins of human lives so often portrayed as perfect and ideal but upon further examination, reveals a collage of failures, disappointments, phobias, love, hopes, and dreams. It is a colorful tapestry of the human condition, reminding us that nothing is as it seems and everyone has many many sides."- Sally Painter, author and Word Museum Reviewer Sally Painter, Paranormal Romance Author
"Author G.L. Rockey's style of writing makes everything fast will find this story to be moving and, at times, even inspirational." - 4 Stars - Detra Fitch, Huntress Reviews
"Rockey tells a passionate story in a down-to-earth manner that engulfs the reader to continue on the journey, hungry for more with the turning of every page. His book may contain deep universal human themes, but his characters are very real people, their conversations and actions akin to people readers may know, and the story one, that although it may be read quickly, readers will not quickly forget." - 5 Stars - Angie Mangino, Freelance Writer Angie Mangino


BATS in the Belfry Bells in the Attic - 16 short stories available for purchase in trade paperback, Kindle, Nook.

"These vignettes, of ordinary lives, glimpsed through the eyes of unforgettable, often quirky characters probe the complexity of what it is to be human, while giving an extraordinary and entertaining read. The stories range from a twin sister's bus ride encounter, to a 10 year old girl's diary, shifting gears to explore the mind of a pregnant schizophrenic trying to escape her past and present, to my very favorite, Ms. Collette, which could easily outshine any Twilight Zone or Outer Limits.
"...each (story) has a common thread lacing through them - Why are we here? Or more aptly - Where are we going? At times, many of his eccentric characters appear to have a momentary glimpse of the answer, but inevitably, their humanness pushes any potential revelations further away from their grasp...Few writers could tackle such a complex theme and pull it off so completely, time after time in an amazingly entertaining fashion." -- Sally Kale WordBeats, Word Museum's Reviewer
"...true delight...stories range from surrealistic to comedic to downright spooky...Each story is penned to amuse, titillate and/or cause some degree of reaction or manner of thought from the reader, an endeavor in which he admirable succeeds. His narrative ranges from biting wit to droll to thought provoking, providing something for everyone and every taste with this latest offering." - Denise M. Clark, Denise's Pieces Author Site & Book Reviews
"...sixteen wildly different stories that will at times leave the reader amused, worried, sad, confused, intrigued and much more...fabulous characters and memorable stories that are a pleasure to read..." - Heidi, Fallen Angel Reviews

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