Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Tuesday's Writer's Tip More on Trimming the MSS #MFRWAutor #BWLPUblishingLTD #Revision

 Let's talk about repetitions that can also occur more than words, phrases of scenes. What about ideas? Not exactly that but some times one character or another will obsess over something and this is repeated in scene after scene. The reader may want to shout, "I've heard that before." And perhaps they have. If this is something major ways can be found to express the idea in a different way. If this is a minor matter that's repeated, a good idea would be to cut it out. Annoying the readers isn't what a writer wants to do.

If a scene or an idea is repeated one way to look at this is to decide. Does the repetition enhance characterization? Does it add to the plot? Does it add new information? The final question to ask yourself is the last one. Repetition can be used if the second appearance adds to the knowledge providing the characters and the reader with new material.

So when you revise, pay attention to repetitions in any form and find a way to make your story sing.



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