Thursday, March 28, 2019

Thursday's Fourth Scene features Choices #MFRWAuthor #BWLPublishing #Medical #Romance #Hospital politics

JOHANNA SAW THE STATUE of a cat in front of a building not far from the library. Yes, she thought and prayed the vet was still in the office. She opened the door into the waiting room.
            The woman seated behind the desk looked up. “Can I help you?”
            “I found a stray kitten,” Johanna said.
            “We don’t take strays. You can take it to the animal shelter.”
            “No. I plan to keep him, but I don’t know what I need.”
            A young man wearing a lab coat appeared in the doorway. “I’m Dr. Greene. Let me see your friend.”
            “Johanna Gordon.” She handed him the box.
            He took the kitten out. “He’s a handsome one. What’s his name?”
            She nearly blurted Dylan. “Why?”
            “For our records.”
            He laughed. “For the restaurant.”
            She nodded. “I found him beneath one of the benches. How old is he?”
            “About six weeks,” the doctor said.
            “What do I need?”
            The young man smiled. “I’ll have Lila set you up while I check him out and give him shots.”
            A short time later, Johanna looked at the stack of items she’d purchased. “Could you keep him here while I run home for my car?” She handed the woman a check.
            “No problem,” the vet said. “How long will you be?”
            “Fifteen minutes at most. I live down the street.”
            A half hour later, Johanna carried the last of the many supplies needed for the kitten into the house. She removed Blarney from the carrier and sat on the couch. She stroked the kitten’s soft fur and let the music whirl her into the fantasy world.

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