Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Wednesday's Writer's Tip - Writing ABC - I Is For Image #MFRWauthor #amwriting

I had to think about this one a bit since I wondered what I considered Image in writing. There are many ways to look at image. Often an image is a thing and that's one way I use it. I spent time looking over my writing and realized there were several images I use often. One is gems. Many of my books have gems, not all are precious stones or even semi-precious but gems that have other powers. This makes them images of the paranormal. They can also be concrete. Another thing I realize occurs frequently in my books are caves.  Caves can be used to symbolize a number of things but we're not speaking of Symbols, just of the things that appear frequently in my stories.

How about you? Do you have recurrent images in your stories? One of my favorite writers has towers in many of her stories. Another has swords of many kinds. So think about your body of work and think of what your images are. I also try to understand the why of my use of these images. Caves is fairly easy since they're dark, mysterious and can be dangerous. I've used them to show each of these situations. Gems has been more difficult to decide the why of them. Perhaps one reason is the hypnotic quality of gems. Also there is their reflective quality. Gems can also be mysterious.

So look at your stories and find your images.

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