Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Tuesday's Inspiration - The Company of Colleagues #MFRWauthor #aminspired

On Saturday I met with some writing friends. We belong to RWA and have a chapter meeting once a month. I always leave these meetings feeling inspired by the success of others and hearing about all the things and ways they have of promoting their books. There were 10 of us there today and all but two are published. Those two will be published one of these days. Maybe soon and maybe later. The great thing is how much encouragement people give each other. Two people read for critique and received some good advice. What I found interesting is that for the most part there is agreement on some points and not on the others. People aren't trying to re-write a person's story but speak of things that confuse them or things that seem to be missing and are needed.

What about you? Do you have a group of friends who are writing? Do they inspire you?

There's a difference between having other writers view your work and showing your stories to family and friends who don't write. There can be one of two reactions from these people. Either they love every word and have no idea how to make the story better or they have a million nits to pick and leave you ready to cry. I've had the same reaction and decided when I wanted my work critiques to go to those who faced the same struggles as I do getting the words on paper.

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