Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Tuesday's Inspiration - Cooler weather #MFRWauthor #Hibernation # writing

I've heard it said "Bears hibernate in the winter." I understand their metabolism goes way down and they enter a coma like state. Not this writer. I hibernate in the summer." During the heated days my brain grows sluggish and my writing speed slows. I don't enter a coma like state but something similar.

Then the change in temperature comes. The first frost sends electricity to my brain and I come up with words that were such a struggle during the summer. Mt pen flies across the page and the computer keys and it's almost like there was another person who emerged from a summer's sleep. Not sure this happens to other people. I know those who have summers off seem to have a lot of energy, I don't. I hibernate in the summer.

How about you. Does the cooler weather spur you to become more creative and able to think with flashes of inspiration coming at lightning speed? For me the cooler weather spurs me to create. How about you? Do you hibernate in the summer?

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