Saturday, November 5, 2016

Saturday's Blurbs featuring Books by Joan Leotta #MFRWauthor #Children

1.WHOOSH! Hardcover – August 15, 2015 THEAQLLC publisher

A snow day! Share the excitement of waking up and discovering that the ground is covered with snow. Even better, we are snowed in and Dad is home instead of at work! To celebrate, Dad and I are going sledding. The sound of the sled going down the hill at a nearby park (WHOOSH!) guides the tale through the fun and bonding between the child and her dad. His love for her is demonstrated in the smallest ways - in gestures she may not understand now, but will impact her later. In dialogue with both her dad and mom, the child reveals that time with them is indeed the most important thing to her - any day. 
2 Summer in a Bowl by Joan Leotta, R.M. Zeissler, illustrator. paperback
"Summer in a Bowl" is a wonderful introduction to the joys of gardening and cooking with children. Rosa spends every Thursday helping Aunt Mary tend her garden. On this last Thursday of the season, they harvest the vegetables and cook them. Rosa finds that vegetables can be delicious and discovers a new way to preserve all of her summer fun.
3. Simply a Smile by Joan Leotta, paperback
Simply a Smile includes a collection of short stories which contain Historical Fiction, Romance, Mystery, and tales of Family. Each was inspired by a piece of art or an object as simple as a shell, a recipe, a button, and a historical marker. These stories are meant for simple reading pleasure and to leave you, the reader, with a smile as the book closes. 
Note: Joan teaches how to write short stories to students middle grade through high school, and to adults using this book

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