Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Tuesday's Inspiration Sixth Sense #MFRWauthor #inspiration

I've used the five ordinary senses to show how they can help a story, characters and setting become more vivid and alive. Those of us who write paranormal stories often use the sixth sense which is a number of things gathered under the term ESP or Extrasensory perception. There are times when a touch of this sense helps me when I'm writing a non-paranormal story.

Some people might call this an aha moment but for me it seems like the idea is pulled from the air. Could I be sensing someone's spoken words or is this because a scent or a touch triggers something that is known deep inside us.

Tapping into the sixth sense can be eerie. There have been times when a dream has led me to a story that has no reality but the dream seems real. Perhaps there are no thought readers or people who can tell the history of an object just by touch. But sometimes when writing and digging into our unconscious there really seems to be a sixth sense out there. Writers often seem to work in a trance and are so deep in their story when they are called into this world they feel as if they've been awakened.

So sixth sense or not there are moments when the writer just knows something and that knowledge is translated into words. So delve into your unconscious mind and find those nuggets that seem to appear from the air.

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