Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Tuesday's Inspiration - Exercise #MFRWauthor #inspired #exercise

Three weeks ago, I began an exercise regime. Before that I started walking and found that boring, boring. Then the heat wave came and walking was only for fools. So I started doing some exercises. I'm gradually adding to the reps and so far of the three exercises I'm up to 3 reps of ten for each. I do look at the exercise bike and will add that to my groups of exercises.

Doing these exercises gives me an energy boost. Not sure it adds to my writing productivity but the added energy allows for longer periods of alertness. When you write, youhave to be alert and carry so many plots and sub plots in your head so you don't mess up the current work in progress.

Maybe I'll lose a bit or weight or some inches or fractions but that's not the reason to exercise. Just another way to keep the mind perking along.

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