Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Tuesday's Inspiration - My Books On Sale #MFRWauthor #medical suspense #fantasy #Historical #hospital politics medical romance

This week I'm being inspired by the number of my books on sale for a limited time. I would be more inspired if the readers would leave me a slew of reviews.

First there is  Searches - A fantasy for all ages and is the third book of Affinities.

Then there is the free book Heart Throb where age is an issue for the heroine and not so much for the hero.

Gemstones is the only Regency romance I've ever done and is on sale for a limited time.

Choices also on sale for a limited time involves hospital politics

Code Blue has my favorite villain causing havoc in the hospital and is on sale for a limited time.

Finally Healwoman - a convoluted fantasy that involves three dying women and how they find themselves in another world where they must combat evil.

How about you? When your books are on sale do you scurry to finish your current work?

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