Sunday, October 23, 2016

Sunday - Looking At My Series #MFRWauthor #writing # book series

I'm starting a new Sunday feature. Today there won't be a book featured but in the future there will be. I've always been hooked on reading series but in my own writing I've found most of my series stop with six. Some times more as in the Moon Child series but that's a work in progress. Series come in several fashions. One is where the same characters appear in each book of the series with major roles. Two of my series fit this category. The Affinities Series, the Jewels of Erda series and the Alternate Egypt series..

Then there are the series where a town or something else if the focus of the series. The characters may or may not be present in the series. Here comes Moon Child series, Opposites in Love series, the Mrs. Miller Series, the Island of Fyre series and At First Sight series.

I also have series that aren't series - one is my nurse doctor or medical romance books that have medicine as a common base. These are stand alone books but they have the hospital and medicine as a uniting factor.

Then there are the series begun and not abandoned exactly but put on the back burner until a story comes to mind.

So these will be some of the books featured each Sunday and some of them will have new books or even new homes to be featured. I'm in the process of adding another book to one of the series and perhaps two more to complete the cycle.

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