Monday, March 21, 2016

Meandering On Monday with Janet Lane Walters #MFRWauthor #Poetry #Reviews #Waiting

Meander 1 - Poem _Whispers Out Of Yesterday

Whispers Out of Yesterday

Your voice -- a whisper out of yesterday
Raises the haird of my mind. Brings haunted
Thoughts of vapoured times I had cast away --
Memories of secrets now unwanted
Siren echoes bait my mind -- Reverberate
In eerie stirrings -- Animate reverie
Of a different fate. Feelings dissipate,
Shimmer on the wind, Create disharmony
Vast weight of shadows -- mind ghosts dissolve and
Darkness oozes from hidden corners
Become diminishing phantoms. No command
Of sometime past can call them forth anew.
Now I lay your voice to rest. A lullaby
Softly sighs for a love that had to die.

Meander 2 - Reviews - Lately I've been reviewing or at least rating books I've been reading. There are things I won't do. I won't give a glowing 5 to a book that was good but not mind-blowing. I also won't ever go below a 3. Let's face it, there are some books that aren't good, at least to me. Sometimes it's the plot that makes me wonder why I'm reading this book. Sometimes it's the characters that stop me from enjoying what is a great plot. Sometimes it's the writer's style that keeps me from enjoyment. Sometimes I may be the only person reading this book who doesn't see why this is a wonderful book. To me a 5 book is one that makes me thing, Just one more chapter until suddenly I reach the end of the book and I sit in wonder. A 4 book is a good one where I want to read to the ending but I can put the book down after reading a chapter and move to other things. A 3 book is one with promise that didn't quite make the cut. There are some people who are upset when their book receives a 4 because this lowers their overall rating. One must remember with books anyone who reads the story is giving a personal thought on the story.

Meander 3 - Writing - I've started on a special project. Sometimes it goes fast and other times slow. There is much I need to learn to write this book so there are blanks. Not really blanks but notes for research about things I either don't know or that happened so long ago that I truly don't remember. As far as my other works The At First sight series is completely re-written. There are two of these books to be typed in and that will happen. This month, or actually from the end of February ahs seen four stories see the light of day. Wizards of Fyre, Seducing the Chef, Seducing the Photographer and Seducing the Innkeeper is up for pre-order. I'll be doing the bits about Seducing the Doctor this weekend.

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