Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Tuesday's Inspiration - Finding A Reader - Triggered by Bird by Bird #MFRWauthor

The title of this bit of inspiration isn't about finding the mass of readers you believe will buy your book but about finding that reader or reader who will give you advice. Sometimes you hate what theysay. Sometimes you love it. The real thing is when one of them says something that makes you think about your story. Some authors call these people a Beta reader.

This person isn't an editor. Editors look for other things. What you want is someone who can tell you if the story works for them. Asking a relative may or may not be a good idea. Often relatives are the kind to pat you on the head and tell you everything is wonderful. Oh, they may correct your spelling or grammar but they aren't hitting the nits you want someone to see. This person may be a member of your critique group, someone you've learned to trust.

I had one friend who did this for me. Her critiques were great and spot on. She helped me make the stories into ones that were good. Since her death, I haven't found another but I often hear her voice in my head pointing out directions that are new and make the story better.

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Anonymous said...

I had a reader like that for 15 years. I've missed her a lot since she passed away.