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Friday - Who He Was Before featuring Frank Talaber #MFRWauthor

Day one.
Question One.
Oddly enough I began to work on cars and became a auto technician and now own and run a auto repair shop. I had taken a creative writing course in high school that woke up my writing abilities and kept a diary, that sometimes was filled with stories or story ideas. The first day of the course we sat down and got handed our text book. Which was a blank, lined notebook. I immediately asked, "but it's blank?" "Yes, your job was to fill it." We had to develop writing flow. The first few days was brutal and I could barely fill a paragraph. But my the end of the course I was putting down pages of stories sifting through my head. Somehow inside I knew I was a writer by soul. 
If you go to my website you'll see my personal statement. 
Writer by soul. The words born within. Karma the seed. Paper the medium. Pen the muse. Novels the fire.
What really influenced my writing abilities and creative juices, believe it or not, were comic books and my first job as a kid as a paper delivery boy. All of the crazy story ideas and the vivid art of the comic books, struck a chord inside and often I'd be slinging my papers and my head was filled with some wild writing thought. The papers also helped with being able to buy comics at the time, as I was the oldest of seven and didn't have a father in my life to guide me. So we were pretty poor and I have to be a father figure. 

Question Two.
Genre specific. Nope not me. I've written everything from Romance, to Science Fiction to Erotica to Comedy. Science Fiction and Urban Fantasy are my two favorite genres. In Urban Fantasy I love mixing native folklore with modern day life. Similiar to Charles De Lint's novels. Living on the West Coast of Canada in BC, there's a lot of native oral stories floating about and I've involved some of those in two of my published novels, Raven's Lament and Shaman's Lure, both published. 

Question Three
I read some Urban Fantasy, Like Charles De Lint, Robert E. Howard, Edger Rice Burroughs and Alan Burt Akers. But also like to read a lot of non fiction and Science Fiction. While I've read some romance as well, but find the formula to restrictive. Boy meets girl, boy loses girl and somehow they get back together, happy ending and lots of children. Well okay the  kids come in the sequel titled, Me, my lovely wife and two point five kids. With book three being the mortgage payments, cat, dog and me.

Question Four
My newest release is Shuttered Seduction, a modern day romance, that I'd written a long time ago and realized that I had to rethink entire writing sections on the photography industry and digital cameras had revolutionized everything. It's about a successful woman Julia-Rae, that runs her own fashion magazine. While doing a photo shoot in Peru, at Macchu Picchu, she meets this handsome crazy man that sweeps her off his feet. Literally, especially when he later takes her bungee jumping. Although she does get her revenge by taking him to a cross dressing party. Only problem is that his magazine empire is crumbling and he is out to seduce her and take over her business. Both have pasts that keep each other from getting close and threatens to break them up and after Julia-Rae finds out what he's after they do. Do they get back together? Well, ask a grizzly bear at Lake Louise that question at the end and read the book. No spoilers here.


Question 5

Currently I'm working on two novel projects. One is a three book Science Fiction Series titled "Seeds Of Ascension". The premise being that our planet is being kept in isolation until we pass a series of tests to prove we're worthy of joining the rest of the races in the universe. Roger believes he's always had a guardian angel looking out for him, well that angel is a Pliedian called Sherida. Roger discovers one day that there is a chunk of metal in him as he tries to go through a metal detector on his honeymoon. Only it wasn't there earlier and when he talks to his best friends, Theodore and Fred, they discover the same thing has happened to them as well. When put beside each other the parts merge and they have to assemble all the parts. Sherida is almost killed and realizes that she is being hunted and has to cut herself off from the homeworld in order to continue the Ascension process.  

My other novel is "Thunderbird's Wake" it is the third novel in a series involving the crazy shaman named Charlie Stillwaters. He rigs it up so that he becomes a native elder at a federal jail. The former elder was murdered because a native legend called Thunderbird is believed to be in one of the prisoners bodies and Thunderbird is beginning to awake after being put into slumber by beings called the Wasgo. Thunderbird used to hunt these beings and they'll do anything to make sure the powerful native legend doesn't reawaken. Charlie calls in the help of his former detective partner, Carol, who is your average person, that doesn't believe in native legends or magic. Only she ends up aiding a native spirit in order to avenge her mother's killer.

Question 6

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