Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Tuesday's Inspiration - Inspired by Anne Lamott - Writing Groups #MFRWauthor #Writing

In Bird by Bird by Anne Lamott the author speaks about writer's groups. There are many kinds of these groups, especially in these days of the internet. A writer can go on line and find any number of these groups. Some are concerned with craft and some with the business aspects of writing. There are also groups where one meets face to face. Some are chapters of larger national groups, some are groups sponsered by publishers, some are what is known as critique groups.

As a writer, I belong to many groups and from the ones that are on line I've learned much about promotion and also of writing. Sometimes it's just the support of other authors that's important. I also belong to one national group and belong to a chapter of this group. Here is where learning and support are very much given. I also belong to a critique group that has been in existance sinde somewhere around 1990. The members change since people move, give up writing, become successful and have to put their efforts into other areas. There are also online critique groups where pages are shared between the members. Some are groups some are what's called partners.

I really believe these groups are important to a beginning writer and also to writers who are in it for the long haul. Speaking or emailing other writers can be a boost for the ego, can keep you writing when you think you can't continue. So look for the various kinds of writer's groups and fine the ones who are a fit. The fit doesn't always work but don't give up. Just keep looking and you'll find the one that offers support, critiques and above all support. Writing is a lonely business.

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