Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Wednesday's Writer's Tip - Anti-climax complication #MFRWauthor

As you're nearing the end and the moment of decision for the main character or characters there should be an anti-climax moment that forces the decision. This complication is the revelation of a truth or truths forcing one of the characters to make a decision. This leads the hero or heroine to make a decision that resolves the major complication of the story.

When doing this in a character driven story the character must be the one to make the decision. A plot line story the decision could be caused by an outside event,

Casually related events have some influence on the major character or characters. This allows for minor complications that will build toward the major one. Use minor events to show character, to progress the plot or show how the setting impacts the story. There are many forms of minor events but don't try to use every one you can think up or the novel might become a never-ending story making the book more like an encyclopedia than a novel.

Try to make the major conflict in the story character against character, character and an obstacle or character and a disaster he or she must face.


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