Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Tuesday's Inspiration - From a Quote by Judith Krantz #MFRWauthor

"I can't write an article called "How to Write a Best Seller" because there is no magic formula." Judith Krantz.

How true! Writing a best seller is something most writers dream about. There are some who manage to achieve this goal. How do these people go about this? Part may be writing the right book at the right time. Another is via word of mouth. One person tells another about this great book they just finished.

This hasn't happened to me but hope remains. How about you? Do you sit down and start a book hoping this is the one that will bring you instant fame.

Ms. Krantz goes on to mention several things she's learned in her career. The first one really appealed to me. Don't be intimidated by the work of other successful authors. You're not them and what you bring to a story is taken from yourself. But we've all written books that we wish we'd written. There are some I find I wish I'd written but when I look at what they've written, I know those stories aren't ones I care to try. As for imitating them, I really can't. Some people can.

One thing Ms. Krantz advises is to outline. This is something I love to do. Little snippets written down start to form patterns and patterns lead to story.

So lock yourself in a place and leave orders not to be disturbed. Many years ago, my sons put up a roll of numbers and told everyone who came into the house to take a number and when their number was called they could talk to me. My oldest granddaughter once told her mother "Be quiet. Grandma's making words."

So write the story and then re-write it because you've grown as a writer with each version of the story you write.

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