Saturday, May 30, 2015

BEA and the kidnapped taxi cab - Janet Lane Walters - #Books We Love #MFRWauthor

BEA was an interesting experience. I'd forgotten much about walking in NYC since years have passed since I visited and I was much younger. Fortunately there was a shuttle to take us there. But at the Javits Center is a huge space. Since I was listed by my publisher as a Marketing Rep I considered it my duty to walk about and catch the eye of passing people and talk to them about Books We Love. I didn't walk all the time but took time to speak to people and to sit. I was tired.

But I'm avoiding the moment that made me laugh. We walked to the restaurant on the muggy and still hot evening. We were on 46 St. The restaurant was on 43rd and 5th avenue. There were five blocks to walk. There are long and short blocks. Not sure whether streets or avenues are the short ones. Red faced and breathless I reached the restaurant and made an announcement, "I am not walking back to the hotel. I'm taking a cab." Two people decided to accompany me. I thought this was a good idea. At my age I should have a luxury. So we walked to the place the people at the restaurant said was the best place to grab a cab. I really grabbed one but that's a bit later in this story.

A lot of cabs went past but they were in the middle of the street. I knew they came to the curb when looking for passengers. A gypsy cab stopped but he wanted $20 for the trip. Not a bargain. We continued along the street. I lagged behind since I don't walk as fast after a heavy meal and a bit of wine.

The miracle happened. A cab pulled into the curb. No one was getting this cab before me. I yelled for my friend and blocked the door so the passenger couldn't emerge. My friends finally heard me. I let the passenger out even opened the door for him. He looked at me like I was a nut and said, "Thank you." We got in the cab and said where we were going. The driver looked at this gray haired lady and started the meter.

During this time one of the three got a text from a friend. "What are you doing or something like that. She responded "I'm a taxi bitch." A reply came. "What did you call me!!!!!!!" Not sure how many there were. She was puzzled. She hadn't called him a thing. Then she realized he'd added a word. I thought only authors did that. He saw "I"m in a taxi, bitch." As writers, we all know what a misplaced comma can be.

The result of this incident was a lot of laughter. Also there may be an idea for a story in this.


Kathy Fischer-Brown said...

It was truly funny :-)

Janet Lane Walters said...

Steph and I are still laughing about the incident, Was so good meeting you and sorry we didn't get to say goodbye. Some fool called our room at 5:15 and we were awake for the day. Wanted to know if we were the manager.