Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Tuesday's Inspiration based on an essay by Christopher LaFarge #MFRWauthor

"Why am I writing this? The ability to give an answer is necessary to me though the answer can range." Christopher LaFarge.

Interesting thing. I sat and pondered why I write each of the stories I've written. My answer is usually that I want to entertain others. Perhaps that's why I write in a number of genres and subgenres. As I thought further one of my answers to the question was that sometimes I want to write a story that will interest and entertain me. I'm not sure I'm the kind of writer who tackles social issues though they may creep into a story or two. What I write most often is about relationships and exploring how people act and interact. They're often about finding love. Another answer was I'm writing this story because I must. The characters want their story to be told.

How about you? Do you ever ask why am I writing this story? Your answer might lead you on some interesting paths. So this is a question to keep in mind when you start a new story. Why am I writing this story and not a different one?

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