Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Wednesday's Writer's Tip - From First Draft to Finished Novel - Karen Wiesner #MFRWauthor

For the next few weeks, I'll be looking at this book by Karen who is a friend met once and who was the person who started the promo group, Jewels of the Quill. The group ahs not dispanded but for many years this group helped 12 authors promote their stories.

Karen equates working on a story to building a house that is solid and will last for the ages. I look at my way of writing as an artist who paints a picture. The interesting thing is that the systems are basically the same. I found this to be interesting, There may be a slight difference in the method but the results can be the same. Do they work. Not always since every writer has a story that doesn't quite work as well as their other stories. I've seen this with my own writing and sometimes it's not the story one suspects that continues to sell and sell over the years. Is there an answer. Maybe not. Could it be some elements of the process is flawed in one story and is terrific in another.

Layering is the way to make a story work and often a writer after many years doesn't remember how they did this. The process is something that's learned by repetition. So during the next few weeks, we'll be looking at the ways of layering a story from the start of the idea to the end of the process. While writing these little pieces, I always learn something or remember a step that I'd forgotten or not used to the greatest potential. So join Karen and me while we look at building a novel or painting a picture.

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