Sunday, November 16, 2014

Sunday - Talking About My Books - A Double Opposition #MFRWauthor

When I began writing books about Astrological opposites, I came to the Gemini woman and her opposite in Sagittarius. What I knew about those born under Sagittarius is a good bit since I have a son and several male friends who were born under this sign. One thing they do is open their mouths and put their feet into the opening. Geminis are often looked upon as having split personalities. Not necessarily so but they do like things to be in pairs. What better than to make my heroine a widow with twin sons. Her former husband was a volunteer fireman who lost his life being a hero. Liz doesn't want any heros in her life. She doesn't want to be married again but the hero finally changes her mind.

The hero is a widower but he had a happy marriage and hasn't looked for love since his wife's death. There was a dark night at the lake when he shared sympathy and a bit more with a woman. The lack of moonlight kept him from really knowing who the person who offered him a chance to talk about his wife and their love.

Writing the story was fun, especially keeping her twin sons from taking over the story and being the catalyst for joining the couple together. The villain in this case, another nurse who had her eyes set on the hero and also on the nurse manager position the heroine is given gets what she deserves and also plays a role in bringing the couple together.

Writing about nurses and doctors is fairly easy for me though I do have to look up the latest developments and make visits to look at computers and all the latest. I kind of avoided those things in this book for a number of reasons. First the book was written before these things became prevalent. The second was most of the action takes place away from the hospital.

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