Sunday, November 2, 2014

Sunday, Talking About My Books Healwoman #MFRWauthor

Healwoman initially was supposed to be a far future of the book Mistress Of The Moons, and I imagine it still is but I'd decided on a completely different story to tell. The story would have been four books in one with four heroines plus the heroine of this book, Norna. She took on a life of her own and wanted her story to be told. Perhaps I will one day write the other four but they won't be in one book unless they're novellas and completely contained stories. Actually I like the hero and heroine of this book but I began to be interested in the villain and wondered if one day I will be able to redeem him. One never knows.

The heroine of Healwoman is misbegotten and seems to have no place when the story begins. She is given by her mother who refuses to acknowledge her to the temple, the last one where women rule, to be a drudge. Norna escapes and meets the hero but though they are attracted and aid each other time passes before they can get together.

In some ways this story is a romance without a happily ever after or even a happy for now. It's a book with perhaps one day there will be a happy ending once the god and goddess stop their battle for the love of the people and learn to live and rule jointly. Maybe another book or four will show this happening.

Shandor, the hero has his own battles to fight, with himself and with the way of the priests of Midran. His father is one of the high priests and he must constantly prove himself and also combat the villain who envies him. He loves Norna but will not confine her to his inner room as those women bound to the priests of Midran must be. He lets her go and the book ends with the knowledge she will bear his son.

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