Saturday, November 22, 2014

Sunday - Talking about My Books - Pursuing Michael West MD

Michael West MD has a five year plan before he can consider making a commitment. He’s happy dating women who have no desire for a long-term affair. Encountering Zelda, the pest, the menace, the little girl next door who has impacted his life makes him want to run. She managed to ruin his senior prom and sent several of his dates running. Now she’s grown and the nurse manager of the surgical unit where he will see her every day. What’s a doctor to do but run?

Zelda has loved Michael for year. She knows of the odd accidents her presence has caused him. After an encounter in the condo swimming pool, the accidents become hers but she refuses to give up her quest. The problem is his dating system. He seems to be on an alphabetical quest. He’s just met G and she’s Z. Can she find a way to turn his thoughts to her or must she give up her pursuit?

Writing this story was a lot of fun, especially since it's a tongue in cheek nurse/doctor romance. One day the character of Michael came to me and I realized he was dating women in an alphabetic order. Suddenly I needed a heroine to suit him and Zelda was born.

Her first acquaintance with Michael was when she and her single mother moved into the house next door. Zelda leans over the fence between the backyards, falls, hits Michael who is holding a football that breaks a window in his parents' house. He is four years older and at this point girls aren't of interest. But Zelda continues to plague him through high school and even appears at his college.

Michael has a ton of student loans for college and medical school and a father whose idea is a man pays his debts before he does anything else. Michael is haunted by these debts and decides he won't get serious until they're paid off.

Zelda has other ideas and her own unique way of pursuing him. Check out the story and read the trials of Michael as he tries to avoid Zelda.  The real question is who will succumb to love first.

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