Monday, November 17, 2014

Meandering On Monday With Janet Lane Walters #MFRWauthor

Meander 1 - Talk about a busy week and weekend. Three books to do the final edits on. Then the releases surprised me. Pursuing Michael West MD was released late on Saturday and is now available at Amazon. Then Toth's Priest is released on Sunday and will be available on Monday. The third revision is for me since I'll be re-releasing it one of these days. Will be good to get back to writing.

Meander 2 - Novellas. I've been disappointed lately with some of the novellas I've been reading. Not that the story isn't a good one or that the writing isn't great. What's been bothering me is that the endings seemed rushed and rather leave me cold. Would like to say something to the authors but I won't since they are given a word count to restrain them. So I won't be buying many more novellas. That's a shame since some of the stories are good.

Meander 3 - My writing has almost come to a standstill because of revisions but not completely. What I did was tear up seven roughed in chapters since the book I was working on looked to be 70 to 80 thousand words and there's wasn't enough plot for that size of a book. Aiming for 40 to 60 thousand so what I had to do was go in and take out some of the subplots that were taking over the story. I'm back on track now and I'll see where it goes. This is called Divided Dreams and is part of the Moon Child series. The heroine of course is a Cancer and this Hero is a Gemini. That may be where the subplots came in because I was doing divided thinking like a Gemini.

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