Monday, November 5, 2012

Meandering on Monday with Janet Lane Walters

For this month, I'm the spotlight author at What a wonderful job Karen does for her Jewels. I'm dame Amber and she often knows things happening with me before I do. Kudos to her, not to mention that she's a very good writer.

Last week was definitely an interesting one. Superstorm Sandy roared through the neighborhood leaving destruction along the way. Up the street, a large tree fell and dug up the sidewalk. Came close to the corner house and i'm not sure if it hit the house or not. On Monday evening the power went out and so I missed seeing Hawaii 50, one of my favorite shows. Lots of attractive actors there, Didn't have power until Thursday morning so the blog was ignored for several days. The real shame is "People still do not have power and it's gotten colder with a new storm expected mid-week." Thank heavens for sweatshirts. I have three drawers of them.

As for writing managed to do several chapters of a discovered manuscript and I see changes to be made while I'm working. Though I do write by hand the typing was far behind and seems to get further every minute. But I will keep going. Lines of Fire is in the final draft which means making small corrections and putting in the things that will smooth the prose. Hope to have them all keyed in by Thanksgiving. The World Has Come Of Age is progressing. Really must find a new title. This one will go under the J L Walters name since the characters are all in their late teens and early twenties.

All I hope for this week is that the power stays on. Without power, we are lost in these days.

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