Thursday, November 8, 2012

Who Janet Lane Walters Has Been Reading

More books read while the lights were out and beyond. Fortunately last Christmas I won a little gadget that allowed me to read during the power outage. Then the lights came on and I returned to reading by electric light.

Song of the Nile by Stephanie Dray tells the story of Cleopatra's daughter and was fascinating to read. The story kept me moving from page to page. Usually I'm able to read a chapter and put the book down to do something else but this story held me the whole way. I will look up The Lily of the Nile and read it also. combines a bit of magic with the story of a woman who faces a dream and finds another to take the place of one that is lost.

Dark Destiny by M J Putney is a young adult written by one of my favorite authors.  Magic, special talents is the focus of this book and a coming invasion by Napoleon brings the young adults who have various talents into a war with one of Napoleon's war mages. The action moved fast and tension moves the book forward from page to page. Now I must find the other books in the trilogy.

Now the third book belongs to a series by James Rollins dealing with the Sigma group of warriors with science. I've read them all before but do like re-visiting old friends, especially when I'm starting a new project. I don't write anything like he does but re-reading allows me to clear my head and plot my own twists and turns. Sometimes I rather laugh when I'm reading as I wonder what Mr. Rollins will blow up next. If you like action adventure and the almost super hero pickoks. Not only are the entertaining but they're also educational.

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