Saturday, November 10, 2012

Saturday's excerpt featuring Born To Bite Anthology Diana Cosby

Turquoise eyes darted toward the entry, shifted back.

Bedamned, he should take her blood and be done with it, but Aedan could not risk scaring her. With his body so weakened, if she broke free and ran, he’d not have the strength to will her back or give chase.

After a long moment, Rowan withdrew her dagger. “But a few drops.”


Precious seconds passed. On an exhale, she slid the honed blade against the pad of her thumb.

A drop of blood beaded upon the sharp metal, and the rich scent filled the air, infused Aedan’s every breath. His body demanded he take. He waited, preserved the last of his meager energy in case she decided to bolt.

Rowan’s eyes locked upon his, she held her thumb a hand’s breadth above his mouth. The beads of red grew, wobbled upon the honed tip, fell.

The warm salty drops landed upon his tongue. Aedan savored sweetness unlike anything he’d ever tasted. He swallowed. Strength flooded his body, and his senses heightened to a dangerous edge. As deep keening ignited within his soul. A completeness he’d never experienced filled him.

He stilled. By the sword’s blade, this woman was his mate!

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Anonymous said...

Oh good excerpt Diana. Good luck on your writing and witht he food drive. I have some things bought for me that I won't use and I plan to donate them to help. In partial repayment for the help I've had this past year.