Thursday, November 29, 2012

Thursday - What Janet Lane Walters is reading #amreading

Once again it's been contest, contest, contest but I am done and I do have time to finish reading some things.

James Rollins Sigma series has been re-read, all but the new one but I'm not a hardback book reader. I do find them hard to hold given the convenience of my ereader. So I will wait for a time until the book either comes out in paper or the price of the ebook comes down to a low level.

Am now reading Free Spirit by Jenna Kay Francis. This is a fantasy that I'm enjoying. I have others of her books on one or the other of my readers. Unfortunately they are all obsolete and there's no way for me to get into the old files.

Can't wait until Christmas when I have an infuion of cash into my account so I can buy maybe a dozen books all at once and then find more wonderful ones to read. One thing I know is being a writer means one must read as well, not that you're copying other people's stories or even the ideas. While reading you also learn to write.

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