Monday, November 12, 2012

Meandering on Monday with Janet Lane Walters

They say it's all in a name. For me it's all in a title. I was totally stumped with my current WIP because I did't like the title. The title was appropriate forty years ago when I began the book and sent it out again and again. The final straw was when a publisher of the type of book it was decided to stop publishing fiction. Then I was searching through my old files sort of clearing things out and found the mss on carbon paper. The title had nothing to do with where my head is not in writing but the elements of a good story were there. As I pondered what to do, I saw elements I had missed and knew what I wanted to do. Thus were born the Goddesses of Er, Sola, Luna and Erda. I've used the concept of goddesses before. Once the goddesses took root in my thoughts and the new title was in place, I was able to see what stayed and what had to go. Some to the to go things were archiac stules of writing and back story in the first 25 pages. In fact a lot of those things took up pages and pages. Leaving enough backftory to set up the world was interesting. Setting a world when it's one of fantasy or paranormal is difficult. The reader had to believe in the world you're created but not be so bogged down in a history lesson that they forget what they're doing. So now I can continue to fashion this story.

A real problem I'm having these days is with my reading habits. I've spent nearly all my gift cards and so must choose what I want to read on my Kindle carefully. Can't wait for Christmas. On one of my loops we've been talking about pricing ebooks. The conference I went to and a speaker I listened to said some interesting things about pricing. He felt 2.99 was too low and books should be above 4 dollars and yet not above eight. I seldom even buy one that's above that price. There are books I would buy since they belong to favorite authors but I'm not about to pay 9.99 or more for them. I'll wait. If they don't come down I'll have missed a book and they will have missed a sale. I'm sure they don't care.

So enough wandering for today and I'll get back to work plugging in corrections and working on the new story.

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