Friday, November 2, 2012

How The Story Evolved - Janet Lane Walters - A Surprising Seduction

My usual guest for this weekend hasn't shown up so looks like this time it will be me. I'm sure this non-show has something to do with Sandy who whipped through this area and has left many people without power. I was fortunate to have power return yesterday. What I've been left with is a huge case of laryingitis so writing is favored. Now to my tale.

The Seduction series began with four planned. Two sisters and two brothers. Then New Concepts Publishing issued the first three in a single book in print leaving one brother in the cold. I read through the other stories and realized there were two friends mentioned by name. One, Tony, is a cynical attorney who has no faith in love. He needed to learn a lesson and so I began my search. I learned the why of his reason and learned he had a brother who had learned a different lesson. Unfortunately his brother who had married for love and his wife were killed in an accident leaving Tony as joint guardian of their infant son.

Joint-guardian who was the woman. Enter Lauren, a young woman who had been a runaway from a group home and whose only relative, her sister had married Tony's brother. They had met once and he had seen the rebellious side of her. She had seen his coldness.

Enter assumptions and we all know what assumptions do to people. Thus Lauren and Tony came together to sort out their assumptions. Tony has to make major changes in his attitude on many levels. The good thing while writing this story, the heroine for the last story appeared and I already knew who the hero would be.

A Surprising Seduction is a spicy read and one that was fun to put together.

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this sounds like a great read!