Monday, July 30, 2012

Monday - 30 July Week Behind and Ahead

A fellow writer once said "If you sell one book at a signing, it's been a successful one." On Saturday I went with three friends to sign books at the Kingston Farmer's Market. We set up under a tent and had just had everything in order when the rain began. I hurriedly began packing my books since the thunder made me realize this wouldn't be a short rain. Boy was I right. Rained so hard the tent began to collapse. Fortunately in this lovely town the sidewalks are covered. As we were talking to people I mentioned to a woman about my YA stories. Her daughter was with her. The woman mentioned she only read books on line these days. Told her about my books on Kindle and Nook and opened the case pocket to find pens that show my blog and mention the books I've written. Pulled out a copy of my YA fantasy and showed her. She opened the book and handed it to her daughter. "There's only one word I don't know." The little girl then read the back and said she wanted the book. So I had a sale. The ride home was a torture with torrential downpours. I would gladly send all this rain to places where it's needed.

The above gives a clue about last week but I am progressing on the Plot draft of Lines of Fire. Am about a quarter of the way through that draft and am finding some of the things I thought I might have to change will remain. Others won't. Sent another email to one of my publishers about the mss I sent several weeks ago. Will wait and send again in several weeks.

This week I'll be working on Lines - Plot Draft and hope to be nearing the halfway point. This is the draft that takes the most time since one has to be sure all the ducks are in a row. The good thing is that I'm still able to keep from wanting to rush with the story.

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