Monday, July 23, 2012

Monday July 23 - Week Behind and Week Ahead

I have an interview up here.
Last week I finished the rough draft of Lines of Fire a paranormal romance. The story has plot holes larg enough to drive an ocean liner through. Today I'll start the plot draft to fill in those holes. I do plan and organize my stories but in the writing things change as the story evolves. Doing the plot draft is the times when I discover that those "this is not exactly how it happened" moments arrive. Sometimes the changes are minor and sometimes major but they all lead to the end I envisioned when I began. So now it's time to look at what really happened in the story, especially when I know this is part of a trilogy and some of the events will point to what will happen in other books.

What about you? Are you one of those writers who can't move forward until you plug the holes from the beginning? Do you need to get the entire story down and then think about what those new twists mean?

Last week I recieved a really nice compliment from two former critique partners. Makes what I like to do worthwhile. That's helping new writers move ahead with their careers. Both have gone on to hit the NY Times best seller lists and I couldn't be prouder of them and that I had a small bit to do with their careers.

What's up for this week? All the usual blog posts. Working on the plot draft of Lines of Fire. Wondering where my imagination will take me next. A bit of reading. Doing a book signing at the Kingston Farmer's Market. That should be a different venue but I get to buy produce, too. Sounds like a win-win day.

Each week brings something new and interesting. So let the games begin.

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