Thursday, July 12, 2012

Thursday - Who I'm Reading - Jane Toombs

Today I'm talking about Jane Toombs and her books. While I've been reading her since I first discovered her books, I will admit I haven't read them all. As you will see if you go to her page on Amazon, she's nearing or may be over the 100 book list. What triggered this reading spree was going through the books on my keeper shelf and trying to down-size there. I had nearly a shelf of her books, some bought and put aside to read later. So later came and I read them.

Jane doesn't stick to one genre, she writes fantasy both dark and light, historical and contemporary romances. She aslo has a number of other writing names. In her career she's won awards. Here's her page on Amazon.

Just the other day I found one of her books I hadn't read  Thirteen West, about a psych hospital gone wrong and was  drawn into the story and the characters. So If you like to read a list of books by a true craftswoman, pick up one of Jane's books and enjoy. Of course, you must realize Jane's also my friend and sometimes writing partner.

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