Thursday, July 5, 2012

Thursday - Who I'm Reading - Kat Attalla and Kathryn Taylor

If you like snappy dialogue and heroines with an attitude that matches those of the heroes try books by Kat Attalla also writing as Kathryn Taylor. I must admit I've watched her career bloom from her first published book Homeward Bound, not the one about the cats and dogs but a romance with heart, poignant and funny at the same time. While I have this book in every format possible and I've re-read it numerout times, it's not my favorite of favorites. Murphy's Law wins that honor for me. I like the scruffy hero and the heroine who is on the run. And they do run from country to country in Europe finally reaching the States. Sex and Key Lime Pie is another of her books that has a serious touch beneath the humor. Who doesn't like a "secret child" story.

So if you're looking for a fun read visit her Amazon pages and select one of the books listed here. Kst is a friend and critique partner and a great writer.

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