Monday, July 16, 2012

16 July = Week ahead and behind

Tomorrow, I'll be a day older than yesterday but also a year older than that. Tomorrow is number 76. While the body ages, the mind remains rather sharp. At least I hope so. Enough about that but it's interesting to think about what one has done and not done. Do I have a bucket list, NO. I just follow life day by day.

Last week I went over the halfway mark in the rough draft of Lines of Fire and the story lines for the next two are falling into place. It's wonderful when that happens. The villains are being exposed but there seems to be one somewhere in the background who hasn't appeared yet. Who is responsible for sullying the lines of fire? I'm sure I'll learn in time. Last week was hot and humid and this week promises to be the same. My critique group had an impromptu early birthday. I now have a new dragon on my shelf. This one is a clock and that's so cool. Even keeps accurate time.

What's on the agenda for this week. Of course the blog posts as usual. Tomorrow Inspiration, Wednesday Elements of the Novel, Thursday Who I'm reading and I'll decide what and who then. Friday and Saturday an new guest on my blog and Sunday finding interesting blogs to visit. Might look at the tribe members for that. Will see. As far as the story, I'll at least rough out three more chapters and that will mean only 2 or 3 to reach the end and then the fun begins. For me revision and re-writing are among my favorite parts of writing.

So here's to another year to find what adventures are on the horizon.

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Unknown said...

Happy birthday! I firmly believe all those people in our know, the character ones...keep us young!