Monday, July 9, 2012

Monday July 9 - Week Ahead and Week Behind

Yesterday I managed to join a new group. Now there will be more digests to read. Why did I do this? Because a chat was arranged, but nothing happened the way it was supposed to.Not that I'm complaining.  Probably because of the "old timers syndrome." Vaguely remember this being scheduled months ago. Jane and I were going to talk about being co- authors. Didn't happen, but that's all right. Answered questions and talked a bit about the books we were going to talk about and posted a few excerpts. Threw my schedule off but I'll get back on track soon.

Last week saw the release of Confrontations, the final book in the Affinities Series. What a rush it is to see that happen. Will ask when print books will be available since I'll need them to send the grandchildren for Christmas. After all they are the reason these books began in the first place. Work on Lines of Fire is back on track. Tossed out a good bit of the writing done since I'd ended in a sort of eddy where several chapters made no sense in the scheme of the book.

This week I'll continue with the rough draft.  14 Chapters to go. Actually one is half done.This may be the most complete rough draft I've ever done but this story stops cold when I get too far off track. The characters seem to be in control. Every story told is a new experience and that's the fun about writing.

 I do believe as the characters change so do the writers. The more stories one puts on paper the better the writing becomes. How about you? Do you find with each story told the telling becomes easier?

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