Thursday, June 14, 2012

Janet Lane Walters - What I'm Reading - Vijaya Schartz

I began reading science fiction in my teen years and was fascinated by the genre. I thought I might write it someday. When I finally began writing, I tried several times to write stories. Sadly they were rejected. One almost made it but the publisher changed directions and was no longer publishing fiction. The editor of a science fiction magazine expressed interest in my writing and would have liked to see more though he didn't make an offer on the story. Then he died and I put my dreams of writing science fiction aside. They will remain on the shelf because while writing I discovered a number of things about my style and my interests. I discovered fantasy and that was a better fit. But I still read science fiction and enjoy it. Now to a writer I have recently discovered. I have been reading through her stories and while I haven't read them all, eventually I will. My reading remains eclectic and there are so many authors.

Vijaya Schartz is the latest of my discoveries. What I like about her stories is the adventure. Her heroines are strong, her heros are also strong and the adventures pull me from chapter to chapter. She also combines science fiction with romance. Her created worlds interest me. I was going through what I'd read of her stories. There are I believe five or six on my Kindle that I've enjoyed. So if you like action, adventure and romance try her books.

Snatched is one of my favorites. So are the Ancient Enemies series. And for a different take try the Archangel duo. Alien Lockdown was the first one I read and hooked me. Imagine a prison underground and the place is undergoing a meltdown leaving the hero and heroine stranded among the criminals trying to find their way to the surface.

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Vijaya Schartz said

Thank you so much, Janet, for liking my books. It really warms an author's heart when others appreciate their stories.

Wishing you the very best with yours. Have a fantastic day.

Vijaya Schartz
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