Monday, June 11, 2012

11 June - Week Behind and Week Ahead

Am now into the last re-write of The Micro-manager Murder and I'm feeling impatient. Not sure if anyone else gets this way when they're finishing a story but I know I do. The desire to rush fights with the need to make sure all the I's are dotted is a hard thing to overcome. I want to make sure the story is as perfect as I can make it but the new story is sitting in the wings crying to be let out. Is there a happy medium, I'm not sure but I will continue to polish the current work before leaping into the unknown. Finishing a story is rather like saying farewell to old friends and leaving one with some regrets. In this case Katherine has been with me for now five stories. Starting a new story is rather like being at the top of a hill on a roller coaster and preparing for that swoop. I always wonder if anyone else feels that was.

Last week saw two of my stories being offered for free on Kindle in the select program and will not know what's happening with them until a month or two from now. One will see what happens here. I do wish some of my other publishers would take a chance with these things. I've found new readers for my other books when this program is in effect. Publishing is changing and writers have to change with it.

This week I will near the end of this last draft and then it will be clean-up time for the story. Sometimes rewarding and sometimes frustrating. It's not the big glitches that bother me, it's those little ones the spell checker doesn't find and sometimes I don't find either. Our instead of out seems to be the real problem. Periods instead of question marks always plagues me. Will that ever stop. Then there's the return from the editor and finding the things I missed picking up. Sometimes the eye doesn't see and even reading the story aloud doesn't find those few glitches. One must do the best they can and hope.

Another thing I plan to do this week is do some promotion for my YA books. I'll see how far this will bo. Last week I finally semi-mastered Triberr and belong to a great tribe. Hopefully that will continue to draw people to my blog.

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