Thursday, June 21, 2012

Thursday - Who I'm Reading - Joan Hall Hovey

I'll admit to reading suspense and liking it. Lately I've been reading Joan Hovey and she writes suspense that has you biting your nails. So far I've read Chill Waters, so far my very favorite of them all. Her heroine doesn't give up but neither do any of her other heroines. Nowhere To Hide is a great revenge story and a chilling read. The Abduction of Mary Rose interested me because of the subject of adoption and finding roots. I have an adopted daughter and we have no idea of her roots. I've also read Listen to the Shadows and there's one more on my reading list to go. I'll read it soon and become so rapt in the prose and the suspense I'll probably scream is someone says hello. I've heard she's writing a new one and I'll buy it to.

If you like suspense, pick up one of Joan's books and you'll become addicted. When I've read throuh all the books on my Kindle, I'll re-read these books and see what I can learn about developing suspense from a master.

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