Monday, June 4, 2012

4 June Week Behind and Week Ahead

What interested me last week was tieing up loose ends in a story I'm writing. The first loose end really wasn't one but an end that led to a plot development that I didn't realize had a meaning. Does this ever happen to you? Sure did to me and has happened other times. Now sure what the unconscious mind does to a writer but it's like striking gold. I hope I've found all the loose ends in The Micro-manager murder. It's nearing the final re-write and soon I'll be able to write the End and start something new. By the end of this month is the goal.

Coming this week A re-release of what was formerly known as Flight will now be Escape and the series will be Affinities. The cover is the falling tower from the Tarot cards. What's interesting here is the falling people represent the four children's parents who metamorphize into birds who appear at strategic times in the four stories to guide and protect their children. This was another of those magic moments in a story linked to a fable the children have loved. "The Doma of The Birds. Imagination alwasy interests me. This book will have a free day on Kindle next week. As to my current writing I'm starting the final re-write of The Micro-manager Murder and then all that's left will be the checking for spelling and words that are words but are not the ones I want like our instead of out, those kind of things never picked up with the spell check.

On the blog as usual Tuesday will be Inspirations that have pushed me to write or that help other people write, almost always something another writer has said. Wednesday will be exploring Eileen Charbonneau's Elements of Fiction. A short book but one full of gems. Thursday wil be What I'm reading and here I'm torn between five or six writers. I read a lot. Friday and Saturday will see a new writer to me but one I hope everyone will enjoy and Sunday I'll be finding blogs that I f interesting. Wish I could read every blog and focus on them but that's an impossibility if one wants to write.

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