Thursday, June 28, 2012

Thursday - Who I'm reading

Today I'll be talking about historical novels and one masterful writer of those I've been reading lately. I do read a lot and with the Kindle my reading has increased by leaps and bounds. Though I've been accused by my parents years ago of inhaling books, I do remember a lot of what I read and I re-read books. One of the new authors I've discovered is Juliet Waldron. She writes historical novels that make you feel you are living in the era she has chosen to write about and you are living the  lives of the characters. I haven't read all her books, but I will.

If you want to know more about the author and her books the following will take you to her author page andyou can explore her books.

Now to the one's I've read so far. Genesee is a story of a woman who had been captured by the Indians as a child and what happens after she's returned. Some of the characters are not nice to her but she perserveres and she finds a hero worthy of her.

Mozart's Wife was enthralling. I saw Amadeus on Broadway and also the movie, but the story of Mozart's wife brings a whole new picture to this musical genius' life and his music. She's written a new one called My Mozart that I'll be buying soon.

I've also read Red Magic. The time is about the same as Mozart's Wife and until I read Mozart's Wife I didn't know of the connection.

If you like history with a touch of romance, I'd definitely take a look at Juliet's Amazon page and find books that are well written and will carry you to a different era.

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Mae Clair said...

I was soooo excited to see this post! Juliet and I spent many years running in the same writing groups and circle of friends. She's an outstanding writer who uses richly textured prose and deftly skilled characterizations to engage her readers.

Thanks for showcasing the books and writing talent of such a talented lady!