Monday, June 18, 2012

Monday 18 June Week Ahead and behind

Interesting thing Met Babette at a NJRW meeting. She was a guest on my blog both Friday and Saturday.

Been thinking about what happens when one does the spell and grammar check. What I've found it I write a lot of incomplete sentences and I know that I'm doing this. Sometimes the spell checker marks things that are sentences as phrases. Think about re-writing is the advice. But people don't think in complete sentences and they also don't talk in complete sentences. I push the ignore button a lot. That's my wondering for this week.

Last week I nearly finished the final re-write of The Micro-Manager Murder and I'm very glad it's coming to the end. Not that I don't like the story but the closer I come to the end, the harder a new story pushes to emerge.

This week, I plan to finish the re-write. On the last chapter and then it's time for the check of all the spelling, punctuation and making sure all the loose ends are gathered up and resolved. Found one or two while working on the last chapter. Of course I'll wonder if a story is ever done. Sometimes re-reading books I wrote years ago, I see how far I've come and though tempted I push aside all thoughts of  re-writing them. How I wrote then and how I write now have undergone changes and learning. I'm still learning and hopefully each story will get better and better.

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